About TTM

TTM with the experience of over forty years in the Mechanical field in Turkey and public high structures at various scales in the private sector, public housing, villas, hotels, business centers, educational campuses, health care facilities and hospitals, social facilities, sports centers, historic buildings, public social areas, factories and took part in the mechanical design drawings, construction drawings, consultancy and control of more than thousand of projects such as production facilities.


TTM, with the experience we had by 3 generation period, will lead and carry on our know how and experiences on MP business to the next generations. We continue our business by the motto of "100 Years Living" business. We, as a leader of the business, produce projects to be as a target quality for our colligues and competitors. Teknik Tesisat Mühendislik deal with the standards in an integrated manner and produces projects in accordance with world standards. We, each project has also been developing our signature on the first day by day for our innovation efforts and aims to become one of Turkey's leading companies.